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Our Lord, Savior, and God

Here is a link to his youtube channel: Chip Bag's Channel.

Here's how to worship Chip Bag:

Here at the Chip Bag Religious Organization, we like to take time to appreciate all of the people out there
spreading the word of our fine leader.

We have written a poem about our leader, it is as follows:

Chip Bag our great God,
please forget our evils now.

Our Chip Bag has a rich history full of twists and turns that should be studied and learned by all of his worshippers.
To read about the history of Our Chip Bag, click the History button.

Our Chip Bag would like to personally thank all of his worshippers, so he requested we write a poem saying thanks to all of you loyal worshippers and supporters,
It is as follows:

Oh, loyal children,
The time to support is now!
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One of Our religious ceremonies:

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This website is owned by Chip Bag, but he asked us to edit it and work on it for Him.
Please share our site to spread awareness of Our Chip Bag!

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